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Foreign Motorcars, Inc. was established in Quincy, Massachusetts on July 28, 2005 by long time friends and enthusiasts David Bluestein and Kyle Chadwick. David and Kyle have always had a passion for meticulous workmanship and German engineering making the automobile business the obvious choice. With the opportunity to exclusively service and sell pre-owned BMW vehicles they set out to create a unique experience by eliminating commission-based service advisors and salespeople in order to focus on individual needs.

We have an obsession with perfection that's displayed throughout every vehicle we touch. We are extremely knowledgeable, ultra professional and surprisingly reasonable. Please give us a chance to impress you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Oil Recommendations

According to BMWs on-board computer you should change your car's oil every year or 15,250 miles with factory BMW approved synthetic motor oil. Bare in mind that BMW pays for these annual oil services while under full factory warranty so you're never going to get anything more than what's absolutely necessary for them to do. We've seen many BMW's that have had these extended oil change intervals and what happens to them once you've out of full factory warranty (over 50k miles) - it's not good. Usually there's excessive sludge buildup in the engine and poor performance / fuel economy that can never be revived. What's the solution? Double up on oil services! If you're still under full BMW factory warranty pay someone (preferably us) to do an oil service in between your free ones from BMW and once your out of factory warranty with the free maintenance be sure to do a  factory oil service every 6,000 miles or so. We at Foreign Motorcars only use German Made Lubro Moly or Motul brand motor oil which far exceeded the specifications of BMW's own oil. This oil is made exclusively for German performance vehicles and after seeing first hand all the tests on it, I hesitate to ever use anything else.  So every 6,000 miles when you bring your BMW to Foreign Motorcars and ask us for an oil service, we'll change your oil with Lubro Moly or Motul synthetic 5w30 (unless it's an M-vehicle in which we use TWS oil), replace your oil filter with a BMW OE one, replace the inner, outer and drain plug seals with BMW OE ones, top-off your coolant with BMW anti-freeze, top-off your power steering fluid, fill up your washer fluid, set your tire pressures, and calibrate all your service reminders. All this for around $120.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

2002 X5 72k

Kyle just traded a really cool 2002 X5 from a gentleman who had purchased it 12 years ago with 13k miles. It's a great looking / running truck that's been meticulously maintained by the previous owner who garaged this X5 next to his beloved manual transmission 850. We were so excited to trade this X5 just from talking to him. He's a car nut like us so anything that ever needed to be done was done and it certainly shows. He told us all the things that he wanted to do prior to discovering a really cool 2011 X5 in white on cinnamon that we had here for sale. Never the less, we're doing all those things to really make a perfect 2002 X5 even better. Be sure to check our website over the next few weeks for it to pop up.

Here comes the snow...

We're prepping up for the storm here. Moving all our cars to one side of the lot to make it easier to plow. Next week's pretty booked out with service so if you need something done be sure to call early.

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Eccentric shaft sensors

How many eccentric shaft sensors can Foreign Motorcars do in one day?  We're about to find out today! There's an 08 E90 currently in the shop with a rough idle, an E70 being towed in that's got no acceleration when the gas pedal is depressed and an E60 outside that's running as if it's got 4 faulty coils. Oh, there's also a valve cover gasket job on another E90 which is essentially almost the same job.

Monday, January 18, 2016

The week of rear axles

We've had our second rear axle causing havoc on the traction system in the past seven days. For what it's worth, we've probably only done a handful or rear axle replacements over the past ten years compared to thousands of front axle assemblies so this is certainly unique. What's happened on these last two BMW's is that the rear axle has developed corrosion on the ring that allows the wheel speed sensor to tell the ABS/Traction control module what it's doing. The traction control system thinks the wheel is slipping when in fact it's not and applies the brake to that wheel. If you were to plug in ISTA and read out each individual wheel speed sensor they would all appear to read correctly but once you put it in graphing mode you can see the dips in the signal from the fault. Tricky one but once we figured it out on the first occurrence it was obvious on the second. Who wants to be the third?

Let it snow

First snow of the season has landed upon us. Kyle's up in Maine for the next two days with his family so Brad and David had the opportunity to test out our new commercial snowblower. This monster is 32" wide with a  420cc motor pushing 21hp. It takes snow from the farthest side of the lot all the way to the back wall. We decided to sell our Jeep loaner car which also served as our plow truck when we traded back an old customers 2003 E46 XI in unbelievable shape. We now have a fabulous loaner car and an awesome snow blower!

Friday, January 15, 2016

January's half over

It's a great feeling knowing that January is already half way over. We can see the light of spring at the end of the tunnel. January and February are not only the coldest months of the year but also usually the slowest months of the year in our business. 2016 is proving that wrong this time around. The shop has been booked out 3-5 days in advance every day this month and Kyle's been selling cars faster than he can replace buying them. It's great news and hopefully the start of a fun year for us. Lots of new stuff in the pipeline that's yet to hit the website so please keep checking in.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Tomorrow's already here

Today Kyle bought a really neat 2011 BMW X5 in white over cinnamon brown nevada leather with only 53k miles on it. Super rare color combo that's totally eye catching. Kyle also tracked down a lead we had on an older BMW 850 with a manual transmission. Certainly a unique 850. David's working on an older 1989 E30 325XI all wheel drive with a big smile on his face - he loves playing with older BMW's! Brad replaced, coded and registered a new BMW AGM battery, replaced an oil filter housing seal and started working on an E46 that we sold here 5 years ago but recently bought back to use as a loaner car for our customers. Brad's giving it the FMCI touch with new rear shocks and springs, new oil filter housing, new valve cover gasket set, all fresh fluids and filters plus all the little nitty gritty stuff that every E46 needs replaced. With that, tomorrow is already starting -  got two cars outside that were towed in - one from another car dealer and one from a new customer - but both need to be pushed into the shop, diagnosed and fixed tomorrow.

Foreign Motorcars, 586 Willard St, Quincy, MA 02169, 2012 BMW 328I XDRIV...

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

That's not a BMW...

Pulled into work today and was greeted by a very pretty, sleek, shiny black Mercedes-Benz. Kyle found a 2002 SL500 with only 50k miles on it dressed in an AMG appearance package. Can't hardly wait till this one's posted on the website. Check back in a few weeks for it.

What makes a car dealer an enthusiast?

Believe it or not, it takes us on average three weeks from the time we purchase any vehicle to the time we post it available for sale on our website. It takes a week alone just to have it serviced to our standards. We first go through it to make a list of any missing items including keys, books, records, floor mats, tools from the tool kits, small trim pieces that may seem negligible to anyone else, missing trim clips, underbody screws and covers, etc. Then we get to work sourcing and ordering all these items that most other car dealers wouldn't even consider missing. Next we take our $18,000 computer that's specific to only BMW's and see if anyone's been hiding anything or clearing any dashboard lights in the past without performing the proper repairs. Finally, it's the actual service where we rip through everything from tires, brakes, battery, fluids, filters to suspension and drivetrain; it's extremely rare that something gets missed but just in case we always do it all over again prior to handing off the keys to the new buyer.  By week two we're ready to have it cleaned. We have all cloth, upholstery, carpets and velour steamed then protected; leather cleaned, treated, conditioned and protected; vinyl, plastic, wood and aluminum trim reconditioned; exterior paint 3-step polished then fed with a fine synthetic wax. Last is what you get to see. All the finishing touches fill week three up pretty quickly. Pictures get posted online, Kyle personally writes the description since he's the one who actually purchased the vehicle from the previous owner and learnt about it first hand, window stickers get printed, the car gets parked in a spot, then each of us mumbles to one another: "I should buy this one for my wife" and we're serious! Point being, by the time we're done with this process, we genuinely know every inch of these vehicles and would absolutely love to own each one personally. That's the difference between an enthusiast and someone who sells cars for a living.

Thursday, January 7, 2016

E60 Cooling System Woes...

We had a gentleman tow his 07 e60 in to us today with what he thought was a leaky lower radiator hose. Turned out that his entire cooling system had froze and destroyed his radiator, upper and lower cooling hoses, electric water pump and thermostat. Luckily, we were able to replace most of it without any repercussions from the freeze but boy was it a bad. As winter nights fall upon us please make sure your anti-freeze is at its proper freezing point to avoid having to do this.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Strange things can happen

In the shop at Foreign Motorcars, Inc. today we had scheduled an eccentric shaft sensor replacement which is a relatively difficult job to do since it's attached to the eccentric camshaft which is located under the valve cover within the valve-train of the engine. What made this job especially unique was that this 2006 BMW E90 had been towed in to us from another repair shop with a "no start" issue where the car would crank, choke and crank, choke but never actually start up. There were no codes in the system relevant to it not starting and all the vital systems to allow it to start were functioning properly. We went back to basics and checked fuel pressure, spark, air leaks and power but all were fine. We then decided to dive into it and remove the valve cover only to find the eccentric shaft sensor had broken off the eccentric shaft itself leaving a piece of it behind jammed in one of the springs. Not good. We carefully removed the springs, fished out all the foreign debris and cleaned all around the valve-train before installing a new sensor. Once it was all back together, she started right up and drove down the road. Strange things can happen.

Repeat visitor... Gone again...

It's always very neat when we sell someone a BMW, service it throughout their ownership until they trade it back into us towards the purchase of another BMW. It's our basis for doing a job well done. Well that's what happened today at Foreign Motorcars, Inc. We had sold a stunning 2012 Graphite Gray X5 with the turbo 6 cylinder engine in it to a friend of a friend a few years back that he recently traded back to us for another vehicle. Today some really lucky guy who read all about us, who we are and what it is that we do bought that X5. Lucky, because this BMW is beyond perfection both mechanically and cosmetically plus since we purchased it originally, sold it, serviced it throughout, traded-it back in, and sold it again, we've got all the documents to substantiate it.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Turbo engines and sluggish performance

Today we did a walnut shell blast on the intake valves of a 2012 BMW X5 with the turbo charged 6 cylinder engine. This X5 only has sixty thousand miles on it but because BMW uses a "direct injection" system on all of its six cylinder turbo charged engines the additives included with the fuel you purchase at the pump do nothing to clean these intake valves and your left with severe carbon buildup that needs to be removed manually by a professional BMW shop with the proper BMW intake blast machine, such as us :). This is one of the few services that's really noticeable as soon as you get in your BWM. After we've performed an intake blast the performance, fuel efficiency, horsepower and even the sound is as good as it was when new. 

Winter is here...

Winter is here today...  We started the day off with a number of dead batteries, frozen windshield washer pumps and tire pressure lights on. Looking out the front window we're reminded of what all those salt trucks do to our cars. Dirty, dirty, dirty. Did you know that your tire pressures fluctuate with the exterior temperature? That's why when the weather changes dramatically (temperature wise) your tire pressure light comes on. Usually it just needs a few pounds of air and a TPMS reset. Do be sure to check that you don't actually have a flat tire though prior to driving off.

Monday, January 4, 2016

Busy day...

Busy day here at FMCI. Kyle sold and delivered our 2011 X5 to an enthusiast who traded in his 05 545i. Brad and David dealt with an X3 and a 328 both with the same issue; the transmission cooler thermostat had jammed and caused the expansion tank to crack from excessive pressure making the cars overheat. We don't see this happen too often but twice in one day usually means there's more to come... David got his 1984 Jeep CJ7 back from the Jeep guys where a new rear main seal was fitted. Going to be a very cold ride home tonight !